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'Quality of Life' in Elderly Facilities and the Role of the Arts (2003)

Research Members
Head Investigator
Project Members

Head Investigator:
Bruce DARLING  (Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Kyushu University of Health and Welfare)
Table of Contents I. Introduction II The New Face of Aging: Overturning the stereotypes of growing old III Creativity and Aging IV The New and Expanding Landscape of Living Situations for the Elderly V People, facilities, organizations that promote the role of the arts among the elderly VI Places where the arts play an important role VII The Role of Art--Some common themes and emphases in ongoing, successful programs Bruce Darling Photos    VIII Research on Art and Aging & A Review of the Literature

Project Members IX MUTEKI Takesuke( Kyushu University of Health and Welfare, Department of Social Welfare) "The Healing Arts in our Aged Society and Oriental Medicine-From EBM to NBM"(Japanese only)」  X TOKITA Masuyo (Hokkaido University(Department of International Communication Media, 北海道大学国際広報メディア研究科教授) "Report on Visits to Elderly Facilities in Europe Utilizing Art Programs"(Japanese only)  Masuyo Tokita 1 Photos Masuyo Tokita 2 Photos
XI Steven SNYDER (Kyushu University of Health and Welfare, Department of Social Welfare) “The Under-utilization of Arts Therapies in Non-urban Care Settings”
 (Japanese translation available) XII YASUKAWA Midori (Asahikawa Medical School Department of Nursing) "The Utilization of Gardening and Horticultural Therapy in Medical and Welfare Facilities" (Japanese only) Yasukawa Midori Photos
Appenix A1: “Humanitas in a Nutshell” By Hans BECKER, CEO Humanitas Foundation (For Japanese translation: Yukiko Hattori) A2: Designing for Eden AlternativeTM By Emi KIYOTA, M.S. M. Arch
A2: Introducing Eden Alternative(in Japanese) Emi Kiyota Photos

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