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The Role of the Arts in Our Aging Societies

On Line Collections of Writings on Art and Aging
On Line Collections of Writings on Art and Aging

The Arts and Older Americans was originally published as a monograph by Americans for the Arts, with assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts.

On-line at:

by Jane Alexander
Chair, National Endowment for the Arts

Arts Participation: The Greying of America, by Andrea Sherman
Arts Programs Uniting Generations, by Susan Perlstein
Opening Doors to Lifelong Learning in the Arts, by Paula Terry
Arts and Health Care for Older Adults, by Andrea Sherman
Arts, Legislation and Policy Considerations, by Bob Blancato

Reference material
How to Begin Involving Older Adults in the Arts
Checklist for Including Older Adults in Arts Programming

Arts and Aging Resources:
30 references on art and older Americans
Internet Sources on Aging

Community Arts Network: Readings in Arts and Elders

Includes the introductory essay “Arts and Creative Aging Across America
Overview of the field of arts and elders by director of Elders Share
the Arts; history, theory, personal perspective.” By Susan Perlstein

“Reading Room Essays” (outside links) include ten articles, seven on dance, one by a performance artist, two on ESTA’s intergenerational programs.

Online Articles of Interest
"The Creativity Equation that could Change Your Life"
By Gene D. Cohen
an article from Modern Maturity, April-May 2000
"Still Working after all these Years" (original link)
by Christine E. Shade
an article on artists over 60 years of age with some examples of their work
from University of Southern California Chronicle

"Still Working after all these Years"
Community Arts Learning Network
Selected essays from High Performance magazine(published quarterly 1978-97)
See especially "Readings in Arts and Elders"

Speaking of Life: Life Histories of the Institutionalised Elderly in Kotobuki
By Yongmei Wu
In Intersections, Issue 7, March 2002

Other Articles
"Can Technology Make the Handicapped Whole?:" Toward a fuller understanding of human potentials
By Steve Talbot
NETFUTURE #92, July 21, 1999. Located on the NETFUTURE Web Site
Japanese translation coming soon! | 日本語版は近い将来!

"The Many Voices of Destiny:" When the stones themselves threaten to cry out
By Steve Talbott
NETFUTURE #102, Febraury 16, 2000. Located on the NETFUTURE Web Site

(Both these NETFUTURE articles are book reviews that deal with technology and the handicapped. They are both well worth reading.) Also of interest is "On Forgetting to Wear Boots" Sometimes we need help from the least capable- A short visit to Camphill Village in Copake, New York
By Steve Talbott
NETFUTURE #117, Febraury 1, 2001. Located on the NETFUTURE Web Site

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