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高齢社会における芸術の役割 |The Role of the Arts and Our Aging Societies

病院と芸術 : WWWサーバ |Hospitals and the Arts : Links
芸術プログラムを推進する病院 | Hospitals with Art Programs
大阪府立母子保健総合医療センター Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health
総長からのごあいさつ[PDF] :NPO法人アーツプロジェクトの 母子センターでのボランティア活動紹介

関西労災病院 |Kansai Rosai Hospital
関労「癒し」探訪 に色々な芸術プログラムが紹介される。 たとえば、ホスビタルパーク ホスピタルアートを参照。

医療法人財団 友朋会 嬉野温泉病院 Ureshino Onsen Hospital

フロリダ大学 ゲインズビル校医学部 | University of Florida, Gainsville Campus Medical School
シャンズ医療芸術(AIM)| Shands Arts in Medicine
医療における芸術センターCenter for Arts in Medicine--Programs, Research and Education
フロリダ大学付属シャンズ病院 | Shands Hospitals University of Florida
シャンズ子供病院 | Shands Children's Hospital at the University of Florida
病院におけるアーティスト・イン・レジデンス・プログラム|Artist-in-residence programの先駆に走ている。
"In 1991, Shands Hospital created an artists-in-residence program for the pediatric oncology clinic. The program spread rapidly to other units and by 1997 there were 14 visual, literary, and performance artists in the facility working 20 hours each per week. The Arts in Medicine program (AIM) at Shands holds that human creative expression among children and adults in various stages of sickness or recuperation is a unique tool to be used alongside the medicines and treatments that accompany illness. On a given day you might find musicians strolling the corridors or a dancer dancing with a child in her room. The atrium of the hospital contains Healing Walls, comprised of ceramic tiles painted by patients. All areas of the hospital and clinical setting are transformed into performance venues, including lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, and even patients’ rooms".

HANDーHealth Arts Network at Duke (デューク医科大学文化サービスプログラム?)
Duke University Medical Center、 Durham, North Carolina
The mission of HAND is to nurture engagement in the arts as a means to enhancing health and well-being of Duke patients, their families and staff. HAND responds to the emotional and spiritual needs of the Duke community through literary, performing and visual arts programmingas part of Duke University Hospital's commitment to the role of the mind/body/spirit connection in the healing process.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Cultural Enrichment
Cultural Enrichment's therapeutic programs embrace all art forms: music, performance, visual exibitions, art work-shops, and massage therapy.
A NEA "Arts in Healthcare: Best Practices" program.

See NEA "Arts in Healthcare: Best Practices" Model `Program for a discussion of 18 outstanding programs.

Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center Portland, Oregon
Legacy Rehabilitation Services
Teresia Hazen Med, HTR, QMHP
Registered Horticultural Therapist
Horticultural Therapy

The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine New York City
Horticulture Therapy Enid A. Haupt Glass Gardens
Nancy Chambers, Horticultural Therapist

Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven | Smilow Art Program
With video introduction
"As the newest and most comprehensive cancer hospital in New England, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven has established an evidence-based art program expressly for the emotional and physical well being of patients and their families. This program goes hand in hand with our belief that emotional healing contributes significantly to physical healing."

The Arts in Healthcare Program - Friends of University Hospitals - Edmonton, Alberta
Initiated in 1986, Arts in Healthcare (AIH) is the division of The Friends dedicated to enhancing patient care and comfort through the arts. We carry out this mandate by offering a diverse range of popular, interactive programs and services, all of which share the intention of providing peaceful, inspiring and creative diversions for patients, staff and visitors experiencing the stress and anxiety of being in a hospital.
Links to "McMullen Gallery." "Artists on the Wards," "Hospital Art Collection."

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity
Hospital Arts HP At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the Charity helps integrate the arts into the healing environment at the Hospital. Since the hospital opened in May 1993 the Charity has installed some 1000 works of art in wards, corridors, clinical and public areas. We own and maintain the only museum-standard hospital art collection in the country, for which Chelsea and Westminster is internationally renowned.
In 2010 the Hospital Arts collection at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital became the first hospital collection in the country to achieve museum status, thanks to its accreditation by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.
Includes an Image Gallery
In 1998 Hospital Arts set up a research project, funded by the King’s Fund: "A Study of the Effects of Visual and Performing Arts in Healthcare" was the first ever scientific, clinical evaluation to be carried out.

Vidar Clinic

「ホスピタル・アート」|"Hospital arts"
アーツプロジェックト | Arts Project (代表:森口 ゆたか)
音楽・ダンス・演劇などのさまざまな領域の芸術活動を継続的に提供します。Inspiration for Arts Project surely came from the example of the Chelsea and Westminster Charity - Hospital Arts program.
大阪府立母子保健総合医療センター | Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute for Maternal and Child Health
関西労災病院 |Kansai Rosai Hospital。 特に 関労「癒し」探訪 のホスビタルパークとホスピタルアートを参照。

びょういんあーとぶろじぇくと 代表:日野真間尋子|Hiroko Hinoma
札幌ライラック病院, Sapporo Lilac Hospital
日野真ひろこ Biography
*Hospital Art Projects
2008 "UTSUSHI-AU/TERASHI-AU" 2008 AKI (Sapporo Lilac Hospital/Sapporo)
2009 HARU:"SAKU/KAGAYAKU" NATSU:"HASHIRU/AFURERU" (Sapporo Lilac Hospital/Sapporo)
2010 "kirakira-guruguru exhibition" (Sapporo Lilac Hospital/Sapporo)
2011 "ashita-wa-hare exhibition" (Sapporo Lilac Hospital/Sapporo)

Art in Hospital
Art in Hospital provides an extensive ongoing programme of visual arts in a variety of health care settings in the city of Glasgow and Scotland wide. Initially practicing within long term care for older people, Art in Hospital has diversified to include those being cared for within rehabilitation and assessment units, those with life-limiting illnesses, young physically disabled, mental health and outpatients, rheumatology patients, renal dialysis patients and those in need of palliative care. Since 1991 over 95,000 patients in hospitals and nursing homes in the Greater Glasgow area have worked with Art in Hospital.

Paintings in Hospitals
Paintings in Hospitals, a registered charity established in 1959, is dedicated to reducing sickness, anxiety and stress, through the display of art, in healthcare facilities across the UK. Our charity improves the clinical outcomes of patients by offering healthcare facilities access to a diverse art library and specialised artist-in-residence services. Paintings in Hospitals receives no regular public funding and relies on grants and donations to continue its services.

Foundation for Hospital Art
The initial concept of painting for people in hospitals was born in 1975 when John Feight volunteered in Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The idea to establish the Foundation for Hospital Art developed through years of painting in hospitals and seeing the comfort art gave to the patients, medical staff and visitors.
The Foundation for Hospital Art was officially established in 1984 and is dedicated to involving patients and volunteers worldwide to create colorful, soothing artwork donated to hospitals to help soften the often stressful hospital experience.
Over 500,000 volunteers and patients have united in an effort to create over 35,000 paintings for over 2,000 hospitals in 194 countries. We welcome your love and support in our mission of compassion through art.

European Expert Meeting on Percent for Art Schemes
(Percentage) Schemes in the 10 Participating Countries
From the Public Art Online --the leading public art resource
"A unique pubic art information site which provides guidance and examples of public art practice from around the UK and internationally."

Though no longer on the web, see also the Swedish 『病院の芸術、文化としてのケア:リサーチプログラム』 (Arts in Hospital and Care as Culture Research Program)
(Kultur I varden och varden som kultur) 1994~1998; also 2001-2005
Birgitta Rapp. Research Director, Stockholms Lans Museum (Stockholm County Museum)
ストックホルム州議会が「病院の芸術と文化としてのケアリサーチプログラム」を支援しているのは、ヘルスケアにお ける芸術や文化の役割の重要性が認識されていることの表れである。議員が直接、 研究者達との会合に出席するのも、プログラムをしっかり理解していることを 裏付けるものだ。議員149名のうち半数は女性であることも特記に値する。アメリカ、日本等の国々もこのモデルプログラムに関心を寄せている。

Hospital Clowns
世界中のホスピタル・クラウン : WWWサーバ|Hospital Clowns Around the world Links

高齢社会における芸術の役割 : WWWサーバ |The Role of the Arts and Our Aging Societies : Links

病院の建築とデザイン|Hospital Architecture and Design (建設中|Under construction)
Vidar Clinic